Legal. Regulated. Safe. American grown.

Cannabis is a wonder plant. This sustainable crop produces a plethora of life-changing and useful products: hemp, health and beauty products, industrial materials, medicine, and more.

A safe, regulated marketplace is essential to protecting consumers and the industry, and to unlocking the unlimited potential of this plant.

Made in America

In 2018, cannabis plants with lower than 0.3% THC (hemp) were removed from the federal Controlled Substances Act. This enabled domestic farmers to grow commercial hemp under the oversight of U.S. regulators – and to create products such as hemp-derived CBD and THC. The result has been a boon to American farmers and the economy. It also has provided consumers with a myriad of beneficial products.

Hemp v. Marijuana.

CBD and THC from cannabis defined in regulations as “hemp” and CBD and THC from cannabis defined in regulations as “marijuana” are the same molecule as they are derived from the same plant.

Old plant. New potential.

We’re just now tapping into the benefits of cannabis. While it’s one of the world’s oldest crops, it’s relatively new to America. Regulation enables opportunity and innovation within the cannabis industry. But an unbalanced approach – among regulators at the federal level, state governments, and even municipalities within states where adult-use cannabis is legal – has fueled the illicit market and stymied advancement.

A legal, regulated marketplace would protect consumers, grow the industry, and support the innovation required to realize the full potential of this natural wonder.

A solid growth plan

To keep innovating, regulators must develop pathways for the legal marketplace to thrive and compete. We must:

Secure public safety

Stop the illicit market with a balanced, regulated approach.

Protect consumers

Ensure all licensed cannabis retail stores are selling products that are legal, tested, safe, and accurately labeled.

Enforce the law

Continue to identify and stop criminal enterprises and put them out of business.

Institute equity

Black and brown people must be included in building and benefiting from opportunity in the legal cannabis marketplace.

Advance science

Continue to innovate for medical and personal use, ensuring health practitioners recognize the effects cannabis has in providing relief from a wide variety of ailments.

Embrace agriculture and sustainability

Follow best practices for innovative growing opportunities and techniques, to ensure American-grown cannabis remains world-class.

About us

Coalition for Cannabis Innovation

We are a coalition of licensed and regulated individuals, organizations, and businesses. We represent many of the different sectors that make up the legal cannabis marketplace in the United States. Due to the ongoing federal prohibition on intoxicating products made from cannabis containing THC, the new national hemp market, and the differing regulatory frameworks in each legal state concerning THC, policymaking is complex and vulnerable to misinformation.
The Coalition for Cannabis Innovation was formed to help lawmakers, regulators, licensed businesses, the hemp industry, adult consumers, and patients uphold the priorities of public safety, science, and market integrity when evaluating rules and statutes for cannabis.